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Icron receives USB patent application confirmation

April 14 1999 ASE: ICM Icron has received official confirmation for its first Universal Serial Bus (USB) patent application from the Canadian Intellectual Property Office. The Filing Certificate received covers Icron’s patent application for the “Method and Apparatus for Extending the Range of the Universal Serial Bus Protocol.” This patent application covers Icron’s invention for […]

Icron converts debentures and preferred shares

April 08 1999 ASE: ICM Icron Systems Inc. is pleased to announce that the trading volume in its common shares has forced the conversion of $154,000 of convertible debentures and 75,000 preferred shares into Icron common shares. Icron’s common shares traded an aggregate of 322,044 shared at prices of $0.50 or higher on the Alberta […]

Icron’s manufacturing business continues rapid growth

April 05 1999 ASE: ICM Icron Systems Inc. is pleased to announce that sales revenues for its contract manufacturing services (EMS) business were $375,000 for the quarter ended March 31, 1999. These first quarter revenues represent an 87% quarter over quarter increase from Icron’s $201,000 contract EMS revenues for the fourth quarter of 1998. The […]