Icron Joins TICO Alliance

TICO Alliance Welcomes New Members and Showcases More TICO Interoperable Products for SDI or IP in HD, 4K and 8K at NAB 2017

Las Vegas Convention Center – April 24, 2017: Aperi, Axon, Cesnet, Icron and Pronology have recently joined the alliance in the last few weeks. The growth of supporters and promoters of TICO continues in 2017; as new companies opt for the TICO Alliance and deliver TICO interoperable products and as more broadcasters are adopting the tool in their workflows.

At NAB this year, the members have collaborated to build the TICO Alliance booth and to showcase several products all together. Their implementations are boosting the transition to IP adding the mezzanine compression as specified in the SMPTE RDD35, a set of open specifications that specifies TICO compression and how it can be mapped on existing SDI, SMPTE2022-6 and as independent RTP for VSF TR03/ SMPTE 2110.

The latest new members joining the community say:
Aperi: “As the demand for 4K content—and beyond—rises exponentially, high-quality mezzanine compression like TICO is critically important to Aperi’s open, software-based real-time IP media processing,” said Aperi CEO Joop Janssen. “We’re proud to be part of the TICO Alliance, pushing the industry towards a completely virtualized native IP infrastructures.”

CESNET: “CESNET recently joined TICO alliance and develops ultra-low latency hardware technology for real-time applications. We recently demonstrated successfully our ultra-low latency – under 1 ms – 4K60p device in a real-time distributed performance between artists in Prague, Copenhagen, Barcelona and Miami. CESNET is now developing 8K version in the E! 10260 – 8KSVIP 8K Studio over IP Project within the Eurostars programmer. More Information about our technology will be available at TICO Alliance booth at NAB 2017,” said Sven Ubik, Cesnet.

Icron: “Icron is proud to join the growing number of companies adopting the TICO codec. Combining with ExtremeUSB-C™, Icron will deploy extension solutions into several markets with unprecedented video quality and USB peripheral support,” said Tom Schultz, Icron Product Manager.

Pronology: “Pronology is proud to be a member of the TICO Alliance because it gives us access to technology allowing our mRes encoder to capture video more efficiently. With the expansion of 4K and the emergence of higher resolutions on the horizon, the TICO Alliance helps us scale with these new technologies without having to constantly upgrade customers’ existing hardware solutions.” said Pronology President Jonathan Aroesty.

TICO in a SDI world
TICO enables 4K and 8K live production by transmitting lightly compressed video over SDI, respectively, enabling 4 over a single 3G-SDI link or 8K over a single 12G-SDI link, eliminating the common issues which professional broadcasters face when using multiple 3G-SDI or multiple 12G-SDI ports to carry UHDTV in their SDI infrastructure. A single interface is enough with TICO: no need to use multiple SDI ports and multiple SDI cables.

TICO in an IP world
On the road transitioning to fully IP workflows, it also optimizes the transmission of HD over cost-effective 1GbE interface, UHDTV 4K over a single 10GbE interface to carry up to 3 UHDTV 4K streams, UHDTV 8K using a single 10GbE interface. TICO replacing uncompressed The ground-breaking technology significantly reduces the operating costs in live production and guarantees a lossless quality with few pixel lines of latency – less than 1 milliseconds – being also robust to multiple coding generation. TICO enables to simplify live production bringing more flexibility and extending the capacity of today’s and tomorrow’s available SDI or IP infrastructures. Thanks to its tiny FPGA footprint, existing broadcast equipment can easily be upgraded to handle single or multiple TICO streams for HD, 4K, 8K without the cost of a complete system replacement.

TICO Alliance live demonstrations and product showcases at NAB 2017 – xcome to the booth C8525 NAB 2017 is the opportunity for visitors to see new products and demos at booth C8525. Members will be demonstrating real-life solutions and deployments of TICO, across multiple applications including HD over 1GbE , UHD/4K over single 3G-SDI or 10GbE IP using SMPTE 2022-6 or SMPTE 2110 and will also showcase first 8K products using TICO. The demos include equipment from Aperi, Blackmagic Design, Bluefish444, B&M Modern Media, Deltacast, Icron, IO Industries, Grass Valley, Macnica Technology, Panasonic, Pronology and Village-Island.

About TICO Alliance
The alliance is an open coalition of companies united to set the bar for next generation UHDTV infrastructure by establishing TICO compression in the new IP-based live ecosystem. Leveraging the TICO compression with open standards and specifications, the group enables the industry to seamlessly update the existing SDI-based workflows to IP in HD, 4K, 8K without the cost of a complete renewal. Member companies now number 41. The group is open to all individuals and companies that are interested to grow the IP ecosystems supporting the TICO technology in live production workflows.

For more info about the alliance, visit www.tico-alliance.org