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Dynamic and flexible Network USB connectivity switching solutions

The USB 2.0 SwitchableUSB™ Developers Kit works with any of the RG2304-LANRG2304GE-LAN, or RG2310 Core  extender systems (matched or in combination) enabling you to integrate flexible Network USB connectivity switching into your product using Icron’s patented Application Protocol Interfaces (APIs).


SwitchableUSB™ brings all the benefits of USB 2.0 and 1.1 connectivity to your custom network products with the flexibility of dynamic switching and remote pairing. Turn your OEM video matrix switch into a KVM network switch.


  • Multiple 1:1 connections on the same LAN
  • Switch local and remote extender pairs dynamically on the fly
  • Works with the USB 2.0 RG2304-LAN, USB 2.0 RG2304GE-LAN, and USB 2.0 RG2310 Core extender systems
  • Complete with the ExtremeUSB® suite of features in your product:
    • Transparent USB extension
    • True plug and play. No software drivers required
    • Supports all major operating systems: Windows®, Mac OS X®, and Linux®
  • While customizing your product, have access to:
    • ExtremeUSB® network API controls
    • Sample graphical user interface implementation
    • Expert USB technical support during design
    • Cutting edge firmware updates bringing new features and capabilities



  • Network Connect:    Up to 480Mbps*


  • Data Traffic:  Layer 2
  • Management Traffic: Layer 3, Dynamic or Static IP Assignments
  • Control Interface: Published APIs
  • Pairings: Multiple 1:1 pairs on a LAN

Supported Extenders:


  • Technical Support: 5 hours

* Network usage and design may decrease available speeds.

In the Box

The USB 2.0 SwitchableUSB™  Developers Kit includes:

  • Two complete RG2304-LAN systems (or two complete RG2304GE-LAN systems, specified at time of purchase)
  • Documentation and published APIs
  • Example control software
  • 5 hours of technical support for your design and build
  • Two international power adapter with country specific cord (North America, EU, UK, or Australia)
  • Extenders come with a two year warranty


SwitchableUSB™ offers complete flexibility to customize and integrate Network USB connectivity switching into your network based products. Applications include:

  • Video Matrix System
  • Command and Control Systems
  • Network KVM Extension
  • Sensor/Data Acquisition

SwitchableUSB application diagram


Click to download Video Matrix Use Case Diagram