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Get further insight into USB technology

» An overview of the protocol, benefits, availability and applications of this patented USB extension technology.

This white paper takes a look at the USB specification and describes how the ExtremeUSB protocol works transparently to enable USB functionality up to 10 kilometer distances.

Extending USB 3.0 Camera Operation in Machine Vision Applications with ExtremeUSB® Technology
» A discussion on how to overcome USB 3.0’s distance limitation for machine vision applications.

This white paper examines why the USB 3.0 cable limitation is problematic and explores the different options to extend USB 3.0 while considering the pros and cons of the respective extension solutions.

Meeting New Technological Demands in Machine Vision with SuperSpeed USB 3.0
» A review on how USB has evolved for popular adoption in machine vision applications

This white paper examines the benefits, performance and evolution of USB as a viable machine vision camera interface.