USB Extension Solutions for Oil/Mining/Gas Applications

Oil, mining and gas applications demand reliable communication infrastructure in environments that often pose harsh conditions for electronic equipment. Where computers are required to be placed away from the point of action, Icron Technologies ExtremeUSB® is a perfect solution to bridge distance gaps of up to 40km over fiber or 100m over Cat5e.

Why use Icron

In order to issue controls or capture data, resource industry applications often call upon computers to extend beyond USB’s five-meter limitation. Icron’s ExtremeUSB technology breaks through this distance barrier up to 40km featuring simple plug-and-play functionality, the ability to work with any operating system, and delivering reliable data transmission.

Includes the ExtremeUSB suite of features:

  • Transparent USB extension
  • True plug and play; no software drivers required
  • Works with all major operating systems: Windows®, macOS™, Linux®, and ChromeOS™

Decrease Cost of Ownership

Downtime of production is expensive both in output loss and field service time. Reliable access to real time data and ability to issue remote commands is critical.

Examples of Resource Applications using USB Extension

  • Well-head flow monitoring
  • Asset management
  • Intrusion alarming
  • Seismic sensors
  • Temperature control
  • Data logging

Icron Solutions