Remote Desktop or KVM Extension

KVM (keyboard, video, mouse) extension using Icron’s extension technology enable companies to centralize and secure critical PC hardware extending video and USB. All device connectivity is enabled allowing users to seamlessly use any application on their desktop.

Interactive Digital Signage Plus USB Application

Why use Icron

There are many installation and cost barriers to create such an experience. Icron’s technology fits perfectly. Here’s why:

Combine and Extend Video and USB

Icron delivers video and USB peripheral connectivity (keyboard, mouse, hard drives, flash drives, web cameras, etc.) to the remote work area.

Easy Maintenance

With all computer servers and PC being in one location, the IT manager can easily service all computers in one centralized location.

Increase Security

The server/PC is located in a secure location where data and vital
information can be stored and processed efficiently in a protected area.

Decrease Cost of Ownership

No software licenses to purchase, install or maintain.

Examples of markets that benefit from digital signage:
  • Hospitality
  • Corporate
  • IT
  • Education
Icron solutions:
  • KVM Extenders
  • USB Ranger┬« 2200 USB Extenders
  • USB over DisplayPort