USB Extension Solutions for Security Applications

Dated analog security cameras around the globe are being replaced with modern USB 2.0 and 3.0 equipped cameras to take advantage of increased bandwidth. Applications such as facial recognition, finger print imaging, and retinal scans are now common place. Cameras are typically some distance away from control rooms and server storage banks, thus the need to extend beyond USB 3.0’s 5 meter distance limitation.


Why Use Icron

Upgrading security measures can require large amounts of data flow, thus the need for increased bandwidth provided by USB 2.0 and 3.0 equipment. One such application is facial recognition for airport security surveillance and casino entry scanning. To bridge the distance gap between the security cameras and the computer room, Icron’s USB extender solutions permit distances of up to 100 meters over Cat 5e and 40Km over singlemode fiber optics. Set-up time is reduced with ExtremeUSB®’s plug and play installation benefit, compatibility with any computer operating system, and optional mounting brackets. The USB 3.0 Spectra™ 3022 extender features USB 3.0 for extremely high bandwidth applications while the USB 2.0 Ranger® 2211 extender offers “flexible power” so that connection to a power outlet can be either at the local or remote end as well as having integrated mounting slots.

Includes the ExtremeUSB suite of features:

  • Transparent USB extension
  • True plug and play; no software drivers required
  • Works with all major operating systems: Windows®, Mac OS X®, and Linux®

Improve Security

ExtremeUSB 3.0 and 2.0 extender solutions from Icron Technologies increase the usability of USB security cameras by removing the distance challenge, and thus facilitate greater security measures to be adopted in public and private settings.

Examples of Security Applications using USB Extension

  • Facial recognition
  • Finger print imaging
  • Retinal scans
  • License plate reading

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