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Icron’s Patented Technologies: USB and USB + Video Extension Solutions

ExtremeUSB® is a patented technology platform and the gold standard for extending USB over long distances over a range of transmission media. With over 15 years experience, Icron’s development team is among the world’s leading experts in USB and USB + HD video extension.

ExtremeUSB has Compelling Advantages:

  • USB 1.1, USB 2.0 and USB 3.0 extensionIcron sells USB 1.1 and USB 2.0 extension products and has introduced USB 3.0 solutions. ExtremeUSB now extends USB 3.0 for applications such as machine visionindustrial automation, and security.
  • Robust and proven technology: with nearly a millions units deployed, often in the most harsh environments, ExtremeUSB works reliably with USB devices from thousands of suppliers.
  • Extended range over multiple media: ExtremeUSB extends USB up to 500 meters over CatX and 10 kilometers over fiber. ExtremeUSB is implemented for multiple communication protocols (Ethernet, WiFi) and media (CatX, fiber, LAN, wireless, powerline, and DisplayPort®).
  • Plug and Play: all ExtremeUSB solutions are Plug and Play and no software drivers are required. ExtremeUSB supports all USB modes and any USB-IF compliant device on Windows®, Mac OS X®, and Linux®.

Our USB + HD Video Solution:

Icron’s patented ExtremeUSB technology extends USB and HD video over a single cable by combining USB with HD video (HDMI, DVI and MDL) for a range of communication protocols (LAN, DisplayPort®) over a variety of media (CatX, fiber).

For demanding remote desktop extension applications like digital signage and medical imaging, ExtremeUSB means enhanced security, easier serviceability, fewer cables and lower cost.

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