Icron Expands USB over Network Product Family

Product Variants

Icron Brand  OEM
2304 USB 2.0 Ranger 2304 point-to-point extender
USB 2.0 Ranger® 2304
USB 2.0 RG2304 point-to-point extender over CAT 5e/6/7
USB 2.0 RG2304
  • Point-to-point USB 2.0 extension over CAT 5e/6/7
  • Supports all USB device types
2304GE-LAN USB 2.0 Ranger 2304GE-LAN extender
USB 2.0 Ranger® 2304GE-LAN
USB 2.0 RG2304GE-LAN extender
USB 2.0 RG2304GE-LAN
  • USB over 1 Gbps LAN
  • Supports all USB device types
  • Mass storage transfer speeds optimized for 1Gbps networks

Please note the USB 2.0 RG2304 Turnkey, USB 2.0 RG2304-LAN Turnkey and USB 2.0 RG2304GE-LAN Turnkey systems are available without enclosures for quick and easy embedding into OEM applications.

The USB 2.0 SwitchableUSB™ Dev Kit is available for USB 2.0 RG2304-LAN and RG2304GE-LAN extension systems which allows OEMs to integrate flexible Network USB connectivity switching into their products.

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