USB Ranger 422

Ranger USB 1.1 Extenders over Fiber Optics

The USB Ranger® 422 extends the benefits of ExtremeUSB® technology to greater distances! The fiber optic transmission system built into the USB Ranger 422 enables you to place USB devices 500 m/1640 ft away from their host. Since the USB Ranger appears to the operating system to be a generic USB hub, it is compatible with all operating systems that support hubs — Windows 98, ME, 2000, XP, Apple, Solaris, Linux and more. No additional software is required.

All USB Ranger products are composed of two separate units: the Local Extender (LEX) and the Remote Extender (REX). Conventional USB cables are used to connect the LEX unit to the host computer and to connect one or more remote USB devices to the REX unit. The LEX and REX units are interconnected with up to 500 m/1640 ft of 2-strand multimode fiber (not included).


Enlarge Ranger USB 1.1 Extender Diagram