USB Rover 1650 / 2650

Rover USB Extenders

USB Rover® 1650 and 2650 target low-cost commercial end user applications. These solutions provide all the flexibility of extended range USB in a ready-to-use package. The USB Rover 2650 is optimized for applications where two devices, such as a keyboard and mouse, must be operated remotely. The USB Rover 1650 provides support for a single remote device or hub.

USB Rover products operate over standard Cat 5e UTP cable (the same wiring used in Ethernet). Developed using ExtendUSB™ technology, the Rover 1650 and 2650 require no additional software for either the computer or the target devices.

USB Rover products are composed of two separate units: the Local Extender (LEX) and the Remote Extender (REX). Conventional USB cables are used to connect the LEX unit to the host computer and to connect the remote USB device to the REX unit. Cat 5e UTP cabling is used to connect the LEX and REX units over a distance of up to 50m/164ft.

The USB Rover 1650 and 2650 are powered from USB and delivers enough power at the remote unit to drive most USB devices.


Rover USB Extenders technology diagram

Enlarge Rover USB Extender Diagram