USB Ranger 110 / 410

Ranger USB Extenders extends USB 1.1 connections over Cat5

The USB Ranger® 110/410 is designed for end user applications. Powered by patented ExtremeUSB® technology, the Ranger products provide robust USB extension in a ready-to-use package. The USB Ranger 110/410 is fully compliant with the USB 1.1 Specification and delivers all of the benefits of USB, including remote device powering, plug and play operation, and cross-platform flexibility.

USB Ranger products are composed of two separate units: the Local Extender (LEX) and the Remote Extender (REX). Conventional USB cables are used to connect the LEX unit to the host computer and to connect one or more remote USB devices to the REX unit. Cat 5e UTP cabling is used to connect the LEX and REX units over a distance of up to 100m/328ft.

The USB Ranger 110/410 products offer the flexibility of locating the power at either the LEX or the REX. Depending on where the power adapter is located, both the USB Ranger 110 and the USB Ranger 410 can support both high-power and low-power USB devices.


Ranger USB Extenders

Enlarge Ranger 110 / 410 USB Extender Diagram