LEX/REX 110 / 410 Turnkey Products

LEX/REX 110/410 OEM Turnkey Products for USB extension

LEX/REX 110/140 offer OEM partners the ability to integrate ExtremeUSB® technology into their own products and solutions with minimal engineering effort. ExtremeUSB technology extends the range of USB devices up to 100 meters using Cat 5e UTP cable and is fully compliant with the USB 1.1 Specification.

LEX/REX 110/140 are fully functional assemblies that implement the ExtremeUSB® protocol. They provide all of the necessary connectors and power distribution components to enable extended range operation.

LEX/REX 110/140 can be purchased in various configurations and combinations to suit OEM applications.

Product Configuration Adapter Location

USB Power per Port

LEX 110 + REX 110 LEX 1 x 500 mA (High-power)
LEX 110 + REX 110 REX 1 x 500 mA (High-power)
LEX 110 + REX 410 LEX 4 x 100 mA (Low-power)
LEX 110 + REX 410 REX 4 x 500 mA (High-power)

The basic requirements of an ExtremeUSB implementation are: one Local Extender (LEX) unit, one Remote Extender (REX) unit, a power adapter, a USB cable and a Cat 5e cable. The power adapter can be purchased from Icron or supplied by the OEM. The OEM can supply the Cat 5e cable and the USB cable as necessary.

The Turnkey 110/410 products offer the flexibility of locating the power adapter at either the LEX or REX units. Depending on where the power is connected, the REX 110 and REX 410 can both support high-power and low-power devices.


OEM Turnkey Product USB extension solutions - LEX/REX 110/410 Turnkey Product

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