Get the world’s most reliable USB 1.1 whiteboard extender solution for FREE!

Icron is giving away one FREE USB 1.1 Rover® 1850 Extender system to qualified whiteboard manufacturers!

USB 1.1 Rover 1850 Extender

Free USB 1.1 Rover cardIf you received our promotion card (shown to the right), please email your name, address and phone number to: to obtain your free extender.

This time limited offer expires July 31, 2014 and only one extender system per company.

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USB 1.1 Rover® 1850 Product Highlights:

The Rover 1850 extends USB 1.1 connections beyond the desktop up to 85* meters without external power adapters, ideal for keyboards, mice,  game controllers and interactive whiteboards – including all SMART Boards and Promethean ActivBoards. Key features include:

  • Remote extender supplies up to 400mA to USB devices (when local extender is supplied with 700mA)
  • Supports both full-speed (12 Mbps) and low-speed (1.5 Mbps) throughputs
  • Robust ESD and EFT immunity for industrial environments
  • 3-year warranty

Includes the ExtremeUSB® suite of features:

  • Transparent USB extension
  • True plug and play; no software drivers required
  • Works with all major operating systems: Windows®, Mac OS X®, and Linux®

A Typical USB 1.1 Application:

USB 1.1 Rover 1850 in a typical whiteboard application







For more detailed product information, visit USB 1.1 Rover 1850.

* Up to 40m for all USB devices; 85m is achievable for most low powered HID USB devices