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ExtremeUSB® over Cat 5e, LAN and Fiber

Refer to the Product Comparison Table (located below the images), referencing the USB type, maximum distance, transmission media, power adapter location and the number of USB ports of each product.

Cat 5e USB Extenders


Fiber USB Extenders

Legacy Products

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Product Comparison Table

 Product  USB1 Max. Distance Transmission Media2 Power Adapter Location USB Port(s)
USB 3.0 Spectra™ 3022 USB 3.0 100m3 Multimode Fiber REX 2
USB 3.0 Spectra™ 3001-15 USB 3.0 15m Active Copper Cable Bus Powered 1
USB 2.0 Ranger® 2304GE-LAN USB 2.0 100m Cat 5e/6/7 or Local Area Network REX 4
USB 2.0 Ranger® 2304 USB 2.0 100m Cat 5e/6/7 REX 4
USB 2.0 Ranger® 2244 USB 2.0 10km Singlemode Fiber REX 4
USB 2.0 Ranger® 2224 USB 2.0 500m Multimode Fiber REX 4
USB 2.0 Ranger® 2212 USB 2.0 100m Cat 5e/6/7 LEX4 2
USB 2.0 Ranger® 2211 USB 2.0 100m Cat 5e6/7 LEX or REX5 1
USB 2.0 Ranger® 2204 USB 2.0 100m Cat 5e/6/7 REX 4
USB 2.0 Ranger® 2201 USB 2.0 100m Cat 5e/6/7 REX 1
USB 1.1 Rover® 2850 USB 1.1 85m6 Cat 5e/6/7 Bus Powered 2
USB 1.1 Rover® 1850 USB 1.1 85m6 Cat 5e/6/7 Bus Powered 1

1 Where USB 2.0 is listed, USB 1.1 is also supported. USB 3.0 extenders are not backward compatible.
2 Specified Category cabling is a minimum requirement; higher grades are supported (e.g. Cat 6, Cat 7).
3 100m or more is achievable when using USB 3.0 bulk traffic cameras; 50m with storage type USB 3.0 devices.
4 Power is delivered over transmission link cable to the REX.
5 Either the LEX or REX can use a power adapter. Only one is required.
6 Up to 40m is achievable for all USB devices; 85m is achievable for most low powered HID USB devices.

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