Guntermann & Drunck GmbH Adopts Icron’s Patented USB Technology

Universal Serial Bus (USB) is the most successful interface in the history of computers with over ten billion USB devices in the global market that currently use the interface for communication. Guntermann & Drunck (G&D) rely on the patented ExtremeUSB® technology by Icron Technologies, the leading developer and manufacturer of high-performance USB and video extension technology.

Future-proof technology
Almost every computer has at least one USB port. USB is a technical standard in the computer industry that has proven its usefulness over time.

G&D recognized USB‘s advantages long ago and have incorporated this interface into many of their devices. Due to the high technological standards imposed onto KVM manufacturers, it was important for G&D to use high-quality USB components in their products.

For their KVM extension and switching solutions, G&D uses Icron Technologies‘ patented ExtremeUSB® extension technology. Icron is regarded as the leading developer and manufacturer of high-performance USB and video extension solutions for commercial and industrial markets worldwide.

Complementary knowledge
In control room or broadcast studio settings, people often work in separate rooms from their computers. This work set-up is feasible because G&D’s KVM systems allow users to access their computers even at a distance. With the incorporation of Icron’s ExtremeUSB technology, users no longer have to worry about the medium or the time it takes to transmit data when using G&D’s KVM systems.

KVM bridges this distance and overcomes any USB transmission challenges. In addition to the benefit of distance extension, ExtremeUSB offers other features to maintain an easy-to-use and consistently reliable experience with all USB compliant devices. This include transparent USB extension, true plug and play (no software drivers required), and compatibility with all major operating systems. Now users can enjoy all the advantages of removing computers from potentially noisy or hazardous workstations.

“We strongly endorse Icron’s ExtremeUSB technology”, said Roland Ollek, CEO of G&D’s Sales and Marketing. “Our customers really appreciate our simple and flexible KVM equipment. For them, using USB means plugging in their devices and getting to work. Icron’s fast technology supports any USB devices and configures them automatically – even via KVM.”

“Guntermann & Drunck have developed high-quality KVM solutions for almost three decades”, said Glenn Antonelli, Vice President of Marketing at Icron. “By adopting ExtremeUSB into their KVM portfolio, they carry on the tradition of providing their customers with reliable cutting-edge technology.”

Media Contacts

  • Guntermann & Drunck: Annette Haebel, Technical Communications Manager,
  • Icron Technologies Corporation: Lydia Ko, Product Marketing Specialist,

About Guntermann & Drunck
Guntermann & Drunck was founded in 1985 and is now regarded as one of the foremost manufacturers of digital and analogue KVM solutions. For more than 25 years, G&D customers have been convinced by our core competencies in extending, switching and distributing standardized computer signals. With a wide array of KVM solutions, G&D serves customers from small to medium-sized companies up to international enterprises of all industries. G&D assures qualitative, customer‐oriented individual expert advice from planning over initial operation up to support. Solutions from G&D optimize IT applications e.g. in telecommunications, the finance sector, digital signage, control stations or control rooms, industrial production and automation, broadcast engineering as well as in the office.

About Icron Technologies
Icron Technologies is the leading developer and manufacturer of high-performance USB and video extension solutions for commercial and industrial markets worldwide. Icron’s patented extension technology extends PC Video and USB devices over many media types including Cat 5e, Fiber, Wireless, DisplayPort®, and over a corporate LAN. Icron’s extension products are deployed in a wide range of applications including pro AV, industrial automation, machine vision, medical imaging, aerospace, interactive whiteboards, digital signage, remote desktop extension, security, enterprise computing and isolated USB, or anywhere a PC needs to be remotely located from a display or peripheral device.