Icron Creating ExtremeUSB Team to Launch Technology

November 12 1999
Icron Systems Inc.

Icron Systems Inc. announced today that it is forming an industry alliance to commercialize its ExtremeUSB technology. This alliance will be named the ExtremeUSB Team. The ExtremeUSB Team is being formed specifically to further the development and marketing of the ExtremeUSB technology. Members will participate on this team for the purpose of providing them a competitive advantage through the use of ExtremeUSB in their products. Icron intends to complete formal agreements with a number of companies to become ExtremeUSB Team members at next week’s Comdex ’99 trade show in Las Vegas.

David Dunnison, Icron’s Vice President of Business Development, said, “Creating the ExtremeUSB Team alliance is a critical step in taking this important technology to market. We have already provided a number of technology demonstration units to key players in the USB industry. These companies have had a first-hand opportunity to evaluate our technology and have been favorably impressed. We now plan to build upon their enthusiasm to create an alliance to market ExtremeUSB products. We intend to create a strong team of motivated companies.”

Icron Systems Inc. has invented ExtremeUSB technology, a practical means of extending the range of USB connections from five meters to over 100 meters. Icron has applied for patents covering its inventions and is in the process of integrating this technology into a series of products for PC users.

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