Icron's Comdex debut a success, new website unveiled

November 23 1999

Icron Systems Inc.

Icron Systems Inc. announced today that its debut at last week’s Fall Comdex ’99 was successful and yielded a number of important achievements for the company. At Comdex, Icron launched its ExtremeUSB™ technology as well as its ExtremeUSB™ Team. Agreements were completed with two founding members of its ExtremeUSB™ Team – ADS Technologies and InsideOut Networks. Discussions were conducted with other companies wanting to join the Team. Interest was expressed by distributors and retail outlets looking to distribute ExtremeUSB™ products as well as organizations wishing to integrate ExtremeUSB™ into their own product lines.

Icron received significant media attention at Comdex, and was featured on the prestigious “Comdex Live!” show produced by ZDTV. While demonstrating Icron’s USB Ranger, Jim Louderback, host of Comdex Live!, stated that, “I think this is one of the most innovative things we’ve seen at the show.” A number of attendees visited Icron’s booth after seeing this show.

During its Comdex debut, Icron released a completely updated web site. This new web site features a consistent look and feel with Icron’s corporate image as well as a stronger USB focus. Among its many new features, the web site discusses the ExtremeUSB™ Team and the ExtremeUSB™ technology as well as Icron’s product development activities.

David Dunnison, Icron’s Vice President of Business Development, said, “We are very pleased by the reception we received at Comdex. There were clearly a number of people, including many media organizations that had us on their ‘must-see’ list. Visitors to our booth provided us with a clear validation of the need for our technology and insight into many new applications. European and Asian interest confirmed our ability to reach a global audience. The release of our new web site was timed to coincide with Comdex to provide our growing audience with a high quality reference and image of the company. We have a world class technology and have now given the world an opportunity to find out about it.”

In non-related news, Icron announced that as part of its ongoing management restructuring Mr. Bryan Hyndman has resigned from Icron’s Board of Directors effective November 22, 1999.

Icron Systems Inc. of Vancouver, BC has invented ExtremeUSBTM technology, a practical means of extending the range of USB connections from 15 feet (5 meters) to over 300 feet (100 meters). Icron has applied for patents covering its inventions and is integrating this technology into a series of products for PC users. Icron is a publicly traded company and trades under the symbol ICM on the Alberta Stock Exchange.

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