Icron successfully demonstrates technology to USB community.

June 28 1999

Icron Systems Inc.


Icron is pleased to announce that it successfully demonstrated its proprietary Universal Serial Bus (USB) “extended range” development platform at last week’s USB Compliance Workshop in Milpitas, California. This is the first time that Icron has demonstrated its technology to the general USB community. In a series of tests, Icron’s prototype successfully extended the range between a PC and many other USB devices from 5 meters to over 100 meters. It is noteworthy that Icron was the only company present at the workshop with a USB range-extending device. USB Compliance Workshops are held regularly by the USB Implementers Forum to promote USB product development and to ensure proper implementation of USB devices. An intended side effect of these workshops is to develop a strong sense of community and information exchange among companies producing USB-enabled computers and peripheral devices.

David Dunnison, Vice President of Business Development, stated, “We were very pleased and pleasantly surprised with the level of acceptance and enthusiasm we received from the other attendees. While our technology is still in the prototype stage, we were able to demonstrate its operation with a broad range of device types including many that we were unfamiliar with. We believe that this early success bodes well for our extended range technology and increases its applicable market breadth. Many of the companies that observed or tested our prototype expressed interest in working with us to provide our technology to their customers. A number of these companies further indicated that they had already received specific customer interest in extending the range of USB. We intend to follow up with these companies and to participate in future USB Compliance Workshops.”

The USB Implementers Forum (USB-IF) was established in 1995 to support and accelerate the market and consumer adoption of USB compliant peripherals. Today, the USB IF has more than 500 member companies and has led the way in helping its members introduce more than 100 USB-compliant products to the market.

Icron Systems Inc. is actively developing products that extend the range between Universal Serial Bus (USB) devices. Icron has invented a practical means of extending the range of the USB protocol from five meters to over 100 meters and has applied for patents covering these inventions. A subsidiary of Icron Systems, Icron Manufacturing Inc. is one of western Canada’s most advanced contract electronics manufacturing services providers. Icron Manufacturing provides services to more than ten high technology firms.

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