Icron Introduces ExtremeUSB Core Family of OEM Products.

Reduced Form Factor and Cost, Increased Configuration Flexibility for OEM Partners.

November 1 2000
Vancouver, B.C.

Icron Systems Inc. (CDNX: ICM), the world’s leading provider of USB extension products, announced today the availability of its latest OEM product offering, the ExtremeUSB Core TM. This new form factor, which represents a 35% savings in space, offers significant cost savings and increased configuration flexibility for OEM customers. Available immediately, the ExtremeUSB Core will be showcased at the upcoming COMDEX in Las Vegas, November 13-17.

The ExtremeUSB Core consists of three components: a Local Extender (LEX) module, a Remote Extender (REX) module and an ExtremeUSB Core Developers Kit. The LEX and REX modules represent the key digital components that deliver ExtremeUSB Core technology. By using the ExtremeUSB Core Developers Kit, OEM customers have the freedom to integrate ExtremeUSB in ways that best suit their specific embedded applications. OEM’s can now control design details like connector locations and power provisioning which makes integration simpler and more cost effective.

Mats Gerschman, Icron’s president and CEO, stated, “This ExtremeUSB Core product will enable our USB extension technology to penetrate new markets far faster than would otherwise be possible. With a footprint reduction of 35%, our OEM customers will benefit from increased flexibility and reduced costs. The addition of this ExtremeUSB Core product is in line with Icron’s strategy of increasing the depth and breadth of our product line as a means of achieving increased revenue and additional exposure to OEM customers.”

Icron also announced the development plans for its new ExtremeUSB SinglePair™ product offering tailored specifically for the keyboard, video and mouse (KVM) extension market. This USB extension product utilizes a single pair of wires in a Category 5 UTP cable. The benefit of this approach is that KVM switch and extension OEM customers can now utilize the other 3 pairs of wires available to provide RGB video and USB extension over a single Category 5 UTP cable. Icron’s ExtremeUSB SinglePair will be formally launched later this year.

Icron’s products, with ExtremeUSB technology, have already gained acceptance in the server, keyboard, video and mouse extension, entertainment, professional audio video, industrial control, computer telephony, webcam services and computer distribution markets.

Icron Systems, Inc. of Vancouver, B.C. has invented ExtremeUSB technology, a practical means of extending the range of USB connections from 5 meters to over 100 meters. Icron has applied for patents covering its inventions and is integrating its technology into a series of products for computing applications. Icron’s RangerTM products are the only USB extenders that are compliant with the USB Implementers Forum’s requirements. Icron is committed to working with its partners to increase the total market for USB products by enabling a broad set of new applications that utilize ExtremeUSB. Icron is a publicly traded company and trades under the symbol ICM on the Canadian Venture Exchange.
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