Imaging Solutions Group and Icron Technologies Confirm USB 3.0 Joint Product Interoperability

Icron’s ExtremeUSB® technology extends ISG’s LightWise Allegro USB3 machine vision cameras

Burnaby, British Columbia –June 25, 2015 – Icron Technologies Corporation, a leader in USB and video extension technology, and Imaging Solutions Group (ISG), a manufacturer of high-end video imaging and smart camera systems for commercial, medical and military OEMs, confirmed today joint product interoperability between ISG’s LightWise Allegro USB3 camera series and Icron’s extension solutions: the 15-meter USB 3.0 Spectra 3001-15 active copper extension cable and the 100-meter USB 3.0 Spectra™3022 fiber based extender system.

ISG’s LightWise Allegro USB3 cameras provide vision system developers with a high quality imaging solution in an economical compact form factor, supporting up to 12 megapixels and resolutions up to 4096 x 3072. These OEM USB 3.0 cameras are differentiated with features such as the ISG Image Pipeline in the on-board FPGA and intelligent memory allocation of 256 Mbytes maximizing flexibility to suit a wide range of applications such as machine vision, security and surveillance, traffic control and high-speed scanning.

Icron’s Spectra series of extenders provide the ideal extension solution for all USB 3.0 applications. For short range operation, the Spectra 3001-15 is a bus powered copper cable that extends USB 3.0 at 15 meters while providing a full 5V, 900mA of current. If longer extension is required, Icron’s Spectra 3022 extender system has the capability to extend up to 100 meters and beyond over multimode OM3 fiber optic cabling. Both extenders support throughputs of 5 Gbps and feature locking connectors per the AIA USB3 Vision™ specification. Additionally, the extenders come with a two-year warranty and include the ExtremeUSB® suite of features such as transparent USB extension, true plug and play (no software drivers), and compatibility with all major operating systems including Windows® 8.

ISG has incorporated Icron’s USB 3.0 Spectra series extension solutions into its product portfolio. For more information about ISG’s product offering, please visit

To learn more about Icron’s ExtremeUSB extension solutions, please visit

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About Icron Technologies Corporation
Icron Technologies is a leading developer and manufacturer of high-performance USB and video extension solutions for commercial and industrial markets worldwide. Icron’s patented extension technology extends Video and USB devices over many media types including Cat 5e, Fiber, Wireless, DisplayPort®, and over a corporate LAN. Icron’s extension products are deployed in a wide range of applications including pro AV, industrial automation, machine vision, medical imaging, aerospace, interactive whiteboards, remote desktop extension, security, enterprise computing and isolated USB, or anywhere a PC needs to be remotely located from a display or peripheral device.

About Imaging Solutions Group
The Imaging Solutions Group (ISG) designs and manufactures high-end video imaging and smart camera systems for commercial, medical, and military OEMs. We put more intelligence into the camera, incorporating the full ISG image pipeline and optimizing it to deliver the highest performance and lowest system cost for each customer. Our custom imaging platforms and customizable LightWise cameras feature application-specific algorithms, implemented on FPGAs for speed, performance and compact size while offering register-programmable flexibility.