Icron Provides Technology to S.I. Tech

Leading manufacturer of fiber optic communication devices incorporates Icron’s ExtremeUSB technology

Vancouver, British Columbia, December 2, 2003 – Icron Technologies Corporation (TSX.V:IT) today announced that S.I. Tech of Batavia, Illinois has developed products that incorporate Icron’s ExtremeUSB® extension technology.

S.I. Tech, ‘Bringing Fiber to the Desktop’, is a high technology company formed to develop and market fiber optics systems. There has been a rising demand for faster, higher quality (error-free) data communications. Fiber optics technology is the answer as it enables data to be transmitted farther, reduces EMI/RFI interference, and provides for secure communications.

S.I. Tech has developed two new USB to Fiber Optic Bit-Driver® Modems – Models 2170 & 2171. These products allow a computer’s USB port to be extended over 2 km using multimode fiber and over 10 km using single-mode fiber. The fiber link established works transparently between computer and remote devices, allowing peripherals such as scanners, printers, digital cameras, and storage devices to be connected to a remote PC via the remotely located USB hub. No software or set up is required for the USB Bit-Driver® products.

The new USB Bit-Driver products, with Icron’s ExtremeUSB technology inside, have been launched on S.I. Tech’s website – www.sitechfiber.com and are featured in the ‘Latest News’ section of the site.

Icron’s Vice-President of Sales and Marketing, Kevin Lee stated: “S.I. Tech’s new products are great additions to the list of solutions that employ Icron’s proven ExtremeUSB technology. This use of ‘USB over fiber’ means longer distance connections are as simple and robust as connections across the desktop.”

Icron’s USB extension technology is typically being used in ‘Remote Computing’ and ‘Physical Security’ segments of the IT marketplace. In these environments, USB devices can be located at a distance from host computers or servers. Extended distance USB connections that rely on Icron’s ExtremeUSB technology form the vital link between these peripheral devices and the remotely located computers.

About S.I. Tech

S.I. Tech, a fiber optic systems company has a global customer base and works closely with a select group of distributors, system integrators and value-added resellers. The company’s products are marketed worldwide under the Bit-Driver® and Fiber Cluster® trademarks. The founder of S.I. Tech formerly managed Belden Corporation’s new venture development in fiber optic systems including fiber optic cables, transmitters, receivers, modems, multiplexers and link developments. S.I. Tech acquired the fiber optic systems division of Belden Corporation in 1984. The company started operations as an Illinois corporation in March of that year. In January 1988, S.I. Tech acquired the fiber optic multiplexer division of Honeywell. For additional information, visit the web site at www.sitech-bitdriver.com or call Toll Free 866-SITECH-1, Phone 630-761-3640, or Fax 630-761-3644.

About Icron Technologies Corporation

Icron Technologies Corporation is a leading provider of high-performance connectivity technologies for the computer marketplace. Icron’s patented ExtremeUSB® technology is compliant with USB Implementers Forum requirements and touches several large worldwide markets from industrial automation to multimedia production and computer networking. The company provides packaged products, Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) modules, developer kits, and engineering and development services.

Icron is a publicly traded corporation and trades under the symbol “IT” on the TSX Venture Exchange.


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