Icron receives USB patent application confirmation.

April 14 1999


Icron has received official confirmation for its first Universal Serial Bus (USB) patent application from the Canadian Intellectual Property Office. The Filing Certificate received covers Icron’s patent application for the “Method and Apparatus for Extending the Range of the Universal Serial Bus Protocol.” This patent application covers Icron’s invention for extending the range of USB device to device connections beyond the five meter distance supported under the existing USB standard.

Doug Kind, Icron’s President and CEO, stated, “This is a very important milestone for Icron. In a technology field and market as large as this is, it is very important that Icron protect its intellectual property. This patent application comes as the result of our significant technology development effort to extend the range of USB and open the market for new applications. We are now well positioned for our product development phase. Extended range is one of the most frequently requested enhancements to USB. We look forward to introducing products that will allow users to extend the value of their USB connectivity. Our extended range technology will allow PC users to locate their USB computer peripheral devices beyond their desktop, wherever they need them.”

The Universal Serial Bus (USB) is the new PC to peripheral connectivity standard and is supported by over 500 vendors making USB products worldwide. USB is designed-in to most new PCs being sold today and is supported in Windows 98. USB is also supported by Apple in its products, and Apple’s iMac was the first all-USB personal computer.

Icron Systems Inc. is a leading edge developer of networking products, and is actively developing enhanced range Universal Serial Bus (USB) products. A subsidiary of Icron Systems, Icron Manufacturing Inc. is one of western Canada’s most advanced contract electronics manufacturing services providers.

As with any patent application, there can be no assurance that any claims will be granted or that a patent will be issued.

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