Icron opens second major market for ExtremeUSB products.

ArialHome’s Digital Audio Music system for the home to use ExtremeUSB TM
June 14 2000
Vancouver, B.C.

Icron Systems Inc. (CDNX: ICM) announced today the delivery of its first shipment of USB Ranger products with ExtremeUSB technology into the entertainment market.

ArialHome, a division of Arial Systems Corp. of Illinois, have taken delivery of USB Rangers for use as part of their digital audio distribution systems for the home. Arial’s ground-breaking software suite incorporates Icron’s technology to connect USB speakers throughout the home enabling the CD music and MP3 audio power of the computer to reach any room.

David Smith, Icron’s VP Sales and Marketing stated, “Arial has developed a cutting edge home audio package that is able to fully leverage the core value of Icron’s USB extension technology by distributing USB speakers throughout the home.”

Said ArialHome’s Chairman Tom Pirelli, “With Icron’s innovative USB extension we are able to put together a package that provides for whole house audio systems powered by the computer and that use the Internet as the world’s largest jukebox.”

Icron announced earlier in May its entry into the KVM (Keyboard, Video and Mouse) market. This sale to ArialHome is Icron’s entry into the entertainment market, Icron’s second market. Icron is pursuing its strategy to be the leader in extended range USB in a large number of markets.

Icron Systems Inc. of Vancouver, BC has invented ExtremeUSB technology, a practical means of extending the range of USB connections from 15 feet (5 metres) to over 300 feet (100 metres). Icron has applied for patents covering its inventions and is integrating its technology into a series of products for computing applications. Icron’s Ranger products are the only USB extenders that are “compliant” with the USB Implementers Forum’s requirements. Icron is committed to working with its partners to increase the total market for USB products by enabling a broad set of new applications that utilize ExtremeUSB. Icron is a publicly traded company and trades under the symbol ICM on the Canadian Venture Exchange.

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