Icron Technologies and XIMEA GmbH Confirm USB3 Vision Interoperability

XIMEA’s xiQ USB3 Vision cameras successfully extended 100 meters with Icron’s USB 3.0 Spectra™ 3022

Burnaby, British Columbia – April 25, 2013 – Icron Technologies Corporation, a leader in USB and video extension technology, and XIMEA GmbH, a leading international manufacturer of high-resolution cameras and imaging solutions, announced today joint product interoperability between XIMEA’s xiQ USB 3.0 camera series and Icron’s 100m fiber based USB extender, the USB 3.0 Spectra™ 3022.
Icron and XIMEA joint product interoperabilityBoth the xiQ series and the Spectra 3022 are USB3 Vision compliant, providing XIMEA’s customers the confidence of a robust and reliable solution when extended distances are required for their USB 3.0 applications.

With the ability to transfer images of up to 450 megapixels per second, XIMEA’s xiQ USB 3.0 machine vision cameras were featured by EDN Magazine’s “Hot 100 Products of 2012.”

“Icron’s new 100m extender equips customers with the ability to enjoy known benefits of USB3 SuperSpeed technology while having industrial cameras far away from the processing backend,” stated Max Larin, CEO and head of product development at XIMEA. “We are happy to recognize that inevitable demand for  bandwidth higher than that provided by GigE and more cost effective than Camera Link, can be satisfied by the combination of USB3 Vision cameras from XIMEA armored by Spectra 3022 extender from Icron.”

“XIMEA was one of the first camera makers to develop a USB 3.0 machine vision camera and among the first to be validated in our ExtremeUSB® Vision Interoperability program,” said Robert Haefling, Icron’s President and CEO. “USB 3.0 SuperSpeed throughputs can now be extended up to 100 meters when using our plug and play extension solution, the Spectra 3022.”

For more information about XIMEA’s USB3 Vision xiQ camera series, please visit www.ximea.com  and www.icron.com to view Icron’s ExtremeUSB extension solutions.

Media Contact Information
Icron: Olga Borge, Marketing Communications Specialist, press@icron.com
XIMEA: Ivan Klimkovic, Marketing, ivan.klimkovic@ximea.com

About Icron Technologies Corporation
Icron Technologies is the leading developer and manufacturer of high-performance USB and video extension solutions for commercial and industrial markets worldwide. Icron’s patented extension technology extends PC Video and USB devices over many media types including Cat 5, Fiber, Wireless, DisplayPort®, and over a corporate LAN. Icron’s extension products are deployed in a wide range of applications including pro AV, industrial automation, machine vision, medical imaging, aerospace, interactive whiteboards, digital signage, remote desktop extension, security, enterprise computing and isolated USB, or anywhere a PC needs to be remotely located from a display or peripheral device. www.icron.com

For more than 20 years, XIMEA GmbH’s designers have created the smartest, most compact industrial cameras for machine vision applications in motion control, assembly, robotics, and industrial inspection and process control, as well as cutting-edge cameras for life-science, security, and defense applications. Learn more about XIMEA at www.ximea.com.

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